Inspirational life coaching for women, men, teens, families and couples

. . . heal your body & mind

. . . transform your relationships

. . . connect to your passion and purpose

. . . discover your intuitive and spiritual gifts


It is such a pleasure to connect with you and I’m so happy you are exploring opportunities to truly begin “living your light!” More than likely, life instead feels a bit dark…I understand and I want you to know, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, painful relationships, health issues, guilt, trauma, addiction or just a lack of fulfillment…healing is possible! I promise!

My work is a ministry…I do it because I love it but also because there is no greater honor than to share with others the amazing gift of transformation that was shared with me. Miracles aren’t random…they occur when we recognize our divine truth and authentic power. When we are hurting or out of balance it is hard to see that; and so, that’s where I can help.

I call my practice life-coaching because just as a coach sees the inherent greatness in their student, I already know that within you is a divine, perfect being. Yes, you are PERFECT and now is the time for you to recognize that. You may not feel perfect or act perfect…but you will never convince me you are bad, flawed, unworthy or lacking (because you are not…no matter what you are dealing with or what you have done). It is my privilege to help you understand that. And when you shift your vision, your life will shift along with it. What is so awesome about this process is that you realize that the solution you have been seeking is actually available and within reach. Although we spend years or lifetimes searching for happiness, fulfillment, joy, peace, abundance, health and love, these experiences will never be found externally. We must connect to these within ourselves first and then we can manifest them in our lives.

If you are hurting in any way, you are not broken, you are breaking open! Your healing journey has actually already begun…know that you don’t have to walk it alone. If you are ready to step out of the fear of wandering in the dark, perhaps it is time to Live Your Light!