Understanding Grounding and Being Present to Earth Energy

 Many of my clients ask about “grounding.” Although it is often heard as more of a metaphysical term, it actually just refers to staying present in the body. When you think about the beautiful trinitarian relationship that exists as self ~ mind, body, spirit ~ it is simply keeping an awareness that all these elements want to be balanced and served. So often, we become lost in our minds (thoughts, mental constructs, problem solving) or we are off in the clouds (inspiration, feeling other energies, various states of consciousness) that we detach from the density of our physical form. Many times that feels wonderful, but it also leads to imbalance. Our bodies want us conscious and connected to earth energy so we can feel powerful and healthy.
There are many reasons we disconnect from staying in our bodies. The main one is pain. The sensations of discomfort we experience normally come from physical pain (illness, injury), mistreatment (unhealthy habits around nutrition or exercise) and projected judgement (body image issues, feeling resentment or betrayal from the body). All of these “sensations” are actually functional communications or messages from the physical self about what needs attention, healing or transformation…however, we rarely listen! Usually, we try to escape the very information that would serve us by “leaving our body.” We exit through many avenues including medicating symptoms, numbing out through drugs and alcohol, distracting behaviors such as television, shopping, or work and we also lose ourselves in other people’s energy. When we are not conscious of tending to our own signals which are in service to our highest good, we allow our center and our essence to get caught up with others in dysfunctional ways. Either we become unconscious and allow other people’s energy to attach to us or we leave ourselves in order to enmesh with others. Our job is not to do the emotional, mental or physical work of another, it is to stay grounded in our own body, mind and spirit so that we can remain in our divine power and properly serve another. As you can see, there is a big difference there!
And so, most important during these times of hurt is to stay present, conscious and in awareness to our physical selves. When we are in pain, we normally “fearfully react” by going into fight, flight or freeze. We try with any means possible to get rid of the sensation, we try to flee from it through suppression and distraction or we simply immobilize, feel stuck and can’t make decisions. The “healthy response” would actually though be to LISTEN to the communication from the pain signal and let it inform you about what is going on. Then we can heal and transform it. Remember, any type of pain, hurt or imbalance is simply a message that something needs to shift. Put your energy and focus there and you will stay in your power. In addition, you will not cause more long term issues, you will be able to make positive changes for your life. Be mindful, pain is not about just your body…it is always a communicator of what needs attention in our mind and spirit too. All the elements work together so make sure you are listening to the bigger message being conveyed by the physical sensation.
Keep in mind that we disconnect from our bodies also when we get too caught up in activities of the mind and spirit. When we only focus on mental activities or connecting intuitively, we lose our center. Your body will let you know it needs you back in command by sending signals that often feel like anxiety. Sweating, clammy hands, rapid heartbeat, disorientation, labored breathing…these are signs that your physical self wants you back in charge. It’s calling to you! Utilize these signs to remind you that it’s time to ground your awareness in your body. Below is a list of techniques that are helpful for that. Try all or any of them. You want to intentionally stay present to yourself and anchor in your heart or solar plexus area. Imagine a beautiful stone or light emanating from this area which keeps your energy within. When you are out in public, be sure to dial that frequency up so that you don’t become an unconscious sponge for others. If you focus being centered and sending love and positive vibrations outward, you will not take on heavier or denser energies. Be mindful that you probably can’t do that for very long. After work, shopping or attending public events, be sure to take extra time to rest and realign. Release anything that isn’t yours and spend some time grounding. This will keep you healthy and powered so you can live your light!
Ideas for clearing negative energy and grounding to earth energy…
  • noticing your breath…this is the quickest and most available tool! Take some deep breaths letting the air fill your belly and as you exhale, allow your belly to move back toward your back. Presto…you are back inside yourself!
  • salt bath…epsom salt with some drops of your favorite essential oil (removes built up energy and negativity)
  • tasks that require focus such as hand eye coordination will align you…do them mindfully and put attention into your hands rather than being distracted (ideas such as crafting and needlework, writing by hand, cooking, cleaning, organizing, laundry, gardening)
  • anything that gets your body in touch with Mother earth…especially helpful if you are also overloaded with energy from electronics (ideas are walking barefoot and feeling the ground, getting into the forest or woods, watching the sunrise or sunset, swimming in natural bodies of water)
  • intentionally using crystals or stones especially good for grounding…you can hold these in your hand, keep them around your home or wear them as jewelry (agate, hematite, black obsidian, jasper…whatever feels good to you!).
  • eating can help grounding by bringing focus back into the body…be very mindful that you use this in a way that will be healthy and balancing (we don’t want to start negative habits!)
  • physical exercise…any activity that helps you focus on your body can be helpful…really notice the various parts of your body, how they feel and what they are doing (yoga, walking, cycling, etc.)

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