Updated Messages from Mary, Lady of Light 10/31/2018

Dear friends!

will make this short as the updated messages below speak for themselves! Such beautiful words and such an incredible vision Mary has for all of us. Her words are not for Mark and I alone, she is clearly speaking to everyone who has the heart to hear. It’s amazing how she can calm our fears, shift our doubt and invite us in to a new way of living so eloquently. We hope you will enjoy…and we really hope to see you next Thursday! It will be great to connect in person and shine more light on the miracle Mary is unfolding for us! 

Oct. 24 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Will you mansurate [weave together] the story for the meeting? Vanquish nuisance of doubt and ultimate vocation will take over. Glynnis will be nurturing to all. Joust with finances will end when you energize trust. Tests are part of the metaphysical illusion. Hand of Mother Mary is no match for hand of tagged vocation. I’ll use my voice to deter anything that runs a foul. You are having pain from no use of alcohol. Let’s try to lighten that. You have overcome.” (I hesitated to share this last part, but I think it’s important to be transparent, plus it’s so sweet! I normally have a glass or two of wine in the evening but had chosen not to drink for a number of days to increase my connection. I was struggling with a headache one morning and suppose I was having a bit of withdrawal. Mary recognized that and wanted to be of help. I love that she is available and wants us to call on her for assistance. My headache promptly left!)
Oct. 25 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
(On this day, Mark and I had been feeling some anxiety over selling our home and purchasing the property. We admit that although we are committed to her vision, it often scares us. She had just the words we needed. You may need them too!) “We are hugging the wall of doubt and fear. Safety lies in vanquishing those thoughts and clinging ever tighter to me. Can you trust me? Know every time you nurture making me your refuge, I come closer. We will do great work together. Must hold true to the nice vision we have created. Huge obstacles will fall away when you see I AM within. Glynnis vanquishes first raw suffering, and then heals heart and soul. Global [the world] is dire under these times and due for a shift. Time to usher in that change.” (Amen to that!)
Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“Start each day with Mary. Witness both love and hope. A view opens your heart to love. Be in song and be happy. Sing by finding your heart!”
Oct. 27 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“I AM is new energy. Miracles are possible when we know our source. Gives all an ultimate purpose. I will save lives. Good times are in tune with jam under me. Hope is your nurturing mission. I AM is for all who choose our new way of living. Time to use kiss of peace as our forefront handling of life. Anger and governance needs to shift to compassion and harmony. Great miracles under those energies. Day of uniting is now. Man has to end soon rift with I AM and recognize the light within.”
Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“Mary loves all. Union with all is time of peace. View love in glad time and time of trouble. By living in hope, bring joy to all. God will provide love. Hope is healing sugar. Mary is lady of hope.”
Oct. 28 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Human reality is not a hurdle for God’s kingdom. It is a vibration of doubt that separates. I AM nurtures trust and faith. I AM is the recognition of oneness with all including God. Hope is restored when we know that to jam with unity awareness creates the world we seek. I AM undertakes making the joust with suffering end and the mug of healing begin. Glynnis ushers in a place to make that shift. A space for transforming reality to God’s kingdom. Simple building. Doorway needs to be made from hunk of wood from property. I will guide you to the tree. Have to use under permission.” (We felt that meant honoring Mother Earth.)
Oct. 29 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Glynnis saves lives. Many hear about it and find ultimate healing. I understand wanting wonderful other rooms for inviting people but can’t have all that. Glynnis needs to have nurturing space for I AM. Have one open space with a flourish of wooden tables and chairs. The main room should be foil for outdoors. View of river is must. Jam with simple. Put big order of judgement to the side, have to trust. (I was likely rolling my eyes at some of these ideas!). Keep hearth in a space outside. Make it emminently for people to have a view of the river also. (There is an old stone fireplace on the property which she is referencing here). River will not be safe if you anger her. Water is not for having parties, only for prayer.”
Oct 30 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Glynnis tips I AM. Saves lives and gives new hope. Our mission is to create Eden for people to experience all those miracles. Maimed shall be healed under gift of energy ley line. I unite all hands at Glynnis. Horn resounds, gate opens for knowing end of suffering. Glynnis opens I AM. I value your dedication to serving and you will be protected. Quite true, hear me! Send update, remind all about our meeting.”

            Lovelight wins!

“I AM takes wish for lung of knowing God and makes it a reality.
You are one with that which you seek.”
Mary, Lady of Light ~ 10/31/2018 

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