New Messages from Mary, Lady of Light 11/9/2018

Dear friends!

So very much to celebrate today! Mark and I closed on the property this morning and feel grateful for everyone who has helped make this happen. There has been so much support, love and encouragement for this mission and we are excited! We hope to have the driveway graded and rocked as soon as possible so people can begin to visit! We may have to keep warm by a campfire for a few months, but hopefully we will get some mild days to enjoy the land and views of the river!

Secondly, it was very special to have such a lovely turnout for the information meeting last evening. How inspiring to have so many come together to learn more about connecting through the TAUK formula and this commUNITY mission called Glynnis! We look forward to creating more gatherings to energize this beautiful vision. One attendee said her guides shared this song “A Whole New World”  from Alladin with her as she was connecting with TAUK this morning! Enjoy a listen and read the lyrics! WOW! Such perfect words to describe everything that is happening! If anyone would like the short handout from the meeting (sorry we ran out, we did not expect such a large group!),  just email me and I will send it to you. 

Lastly, please find below the latest messages that we have received. Most of them are really highlighting the vision of Glynnis and how we can all help create that through our belief, faith, trust and action! It is exciting because others who are doing TAUK are also receiving messages about Glynnis as well! Mary is calling for a beautiful nurturing center that reflects the forest setting and is devoted to healing and miracles. Mark and I have met with both an architect and builder and are getting plans organized. If anyone has ideas, suggestions or ways they may be able to help, please reach out! We know it’s hard at this stage without the building, but share if you get messages or feel inspired in some way! We want to support you too! Glynnis is for all of us!

Nov 1 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
(Mary begins speaking about Glynnis. When she says “oil” she is referring to the energy line that runs under the property). “Oil has OM sensory properties. Turns forest into Eden. I said to trust and missing reasons would be revealed. All will alter and you will be safe. Eden returns and it starts at Glynnis. Lung is under property. That is why you dig. Jumpstarts the I AM Vibration. Just a mug would soften suffering but I AM energizes huge punch bowl and you can purge illness. Just make the free choice!” (She often reminds us that we have a choice in how we move forward. I believe she is asking all of us to trust and align with this vision, but we have free will.)
Nov 2 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“A light arises in Mary, Lady of Light. Hope is for all! A meeting is joining many in unity and peace. You are to help others view healing place as Mary’s place. There will healing guided by me. A prayer announces the mission.”
Nov 3 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Glynnis will foster I AM quite miraculously. Has very energetic draw. Valuable gas for huge shift. True heaven on earth.”
Nov 5 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Time to dig is near. Hold range of ‘going inward’ classes. Have a meeting to get ideas in action. Hope you’re going to use foil so outdoors is indoors.” [I asked…Do you mean plants or glass?] “Both, epi-center needs true Eden. Grace the space so doubt and fear are calmed by hope and healing. Forest with tamed gist of growing high bower of trees. Don’t artifice, got to use real.”
Nov 6 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Tell everyone I AM Divine Feminine, gate to Higher Self. All can connect to me. First notice of me will be hope for healing for all. Next, will be for unity and oneness. Huge shift is happening on earth. Ghost of trying times is exiting. Eternal flame of tantra of emulating Christ is coming. You’re the way-showers. Gather great number of men and women to spread the word. Miracles will occur and a new age begins. Time of Mary, Lady of Light is now. Aim to first make hope the jumpstart. Useful in getting people energized. Fill the heart with pining for jubilation. Hold that vibration by healing illnesses of every kind. I will not fail you. I AM has the whole universe.”
Nov 7 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
(This was an amazing message for I did not realize that the new moon was occurring at exactly 10:02 that morning. I was connecting with her earlier that morning and she is clearly referencing that event in her words.) “I AM is energy of unity. Vibration lung is minutes away from activating. Moon at it’s out-pulling phase begins today. Glynnis is born today! Kuntz (large group of people following this) needs to hold hope in the creation of this new Eden. Must inform them to hold the vision of this in their good intentions.”
Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“A night of imagination heals all. Be healed. Open your heart to being a miracle worker. Open your heart to Mary’s love. Hope is for all. Higher consciousness is for you.”
Nov 8 ~ Ed (my dad…this was wonderful as it was his RIP date…he died on 11/8/11)  ~ to Meg
“Rose crepe myrtle will flower for you (not sure if this was a reference to our blooming bushes???) Energy under lung is miraculous. Hunger will even end. Glynnis surges love and jets healing. Go there today and flowing water validates rue of hope. (We did and indeed the water was moving for the first time in the area of the spring that is referenced). Glynnis happening at joint rivers. Huge change is occurring, keep moving forward. Going to build elevated community of healers. I AM to warden off suffering. Hope upheaves sad plot of world.”

            Lovelight wins!

“Our time finds new hope through new hearts. Open the channel to I AM and miracles begin. Hold on to me and you won’t ever be alone.”
Mary, Lady of Light ~ 11/9/2018 

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