Updated Messages from Mary 11/23/2018

Dear friends!
Such a perfect day to share with you! Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! Tonight, we will experience the beautiful full moon which is a wonderful time to intentionally release and forgive. Just as the light face of the moon gets smaller in the days ahead, our hurts and habits that are no longer serving can wane as well. Ask for divine assistance to release anything that holds your energy down and keeps you aligned with thoughts of separation. Lunar energy is strong…utilize it to help you!
All of the experiences and messages that are happening through Mary, the TAUK process and Glynnis remind us that we are CONNECTED to the realm of Spirit that wants to interact, help and co-create with us! Today is a great day to acknowledge that and honor this powerful relationship! As we trust and are “thankful” for the connection to this higher awareness, our 
connection to our true self and other relationships builds too. At last, we understand our divine purpose and begin to truly live and express it! What an amazing commUNITY of consciousness this is creating! We are so grateful for the guidance that is being shared. As Mary’s messages below show, as we transform as individuals, we have impact on the world beyond and can create hope, healing and miracles!

Before, I list some of the channelings we have received in the last 2 weeks, I wanted to share this most profound and touching communication between a friend and her 3 year old son who passed a year ago from myotubulur myopathy (MTM).  “J” had begun doing TAUK with NOT a lot of success about a month ago. Although she was a bit frustrated, she kept doing the meditation and formula and trying to connect each day. After a while, her father, who had passed years ago, began coming through and told her that her son would be connecting soon. On November 12, her son came through and has communicated daily since. She has given permission for us to share one of his amazing messages. As you will see, although it is deeply personal, his words are healing and inspirational for all!
“Know that I am here always. Tell Dada to come (dad was in the other room). Love you Dada. I am understanding how much you worked to save my life. Know I am saved. Know I am not suffering. I am light and wind to your face. Know I have important work to do here. I am saving lives of babies with MTM. To understand is difficult. Know love is everything. Map your blessings. Open your heart to more opportunities. You will be ok. Know I am with you.”

Nov 10 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Future quite bright! Fuel is energizing flame of unity. Glynnis ageless mug of elevated energy. Huge new jumpstart is nurturing it back to life. Memory of I AM under ultimate energetic ley line. I under jam with Amma (Mother Earth) to honor our indwelling mission of hope and unity. Have nurturing space be holding place for forging lovely new I AM body. Have lots of jam with a healing house. Have building of wood and glass and look out on river. Jam with old though. Every use of ideas won’t work so cede to me. Glynnis very much Mary’s precious creation. I will direct…for the world, I want Eden.”
Nov 14 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Foster I AM though vibration of unity. Got to fuel the nurturing of this flame by going within and accessing universal compassion for all. You’ve got to understand vocation in life for all is to recognize Pangea (we think this refers to recognizing divinity and oneness of all people). All life is energized by unity and is connected by one Source. Heaven is that realization. Glynnis will be for all. Healing will be for every last thankful being no matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe or what you have done. The miracle of love and forgiveness will be for all and you shall know the peace and truth of God. We all have known darkness, the time has come to live in the light. Each soul must choose unity over faction, oneness over separation. You must choose to foster going to your heart rather than your head to access I AM. Glynnis under I AM. Glynnis is not for directing people, it is for connecting people. (Wow! Love this!) Here you can know the miracle of the energy of God. Glynnis tames fear and suffering so it can be Eden again. We will spread I AM outward boundlessly! The time has arrived for a new world! Kiss of Mary, Lady of Light has come to comfort all!” (This was such a moving message for us. When you go through and read her words, the beautiful vision she has for us and for this community we are creating is so inspirational and sweet. Such an honor it is to be part of the unfolding of this miracle! We hope you feel the same!”
Nov 17 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Flint is turning to fire. House of healing unites the body, mind and spirit. Future mission is making all aware of this. Gushing water heals lagging bodies, but of mind and spirit, people will also energetically heal. Lend the tune of I AM to all!”
Nov 20 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“Bind in being I AM. Join in Mary, Lady of Light. Listen to Mary, Lady of Light tune you. In your heart dig by healing others. You are holy and healing. View is claiming your joy.”

Nov 22 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“Join in the glad universe. Keen transfer of land is helpful to guides. (We think she was referring to cleaning up and clearing some of the land…being discerning and keeping it sacred). Keep hallow the land, your guides will help.”

           Lovelight wins!

“Nurture this time to hunger for a better world…time is drawing near. You are going to help create it. I offer thanks. Dark times and toil over soon. Swing to future tune of joy!”
Mary, Lady of Light ~ 11/23/2018 

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