Mary’s Messages & Update 12/27/2018

Dear friends!

What a month it has been! I am so sorry for not writing sooner, but there have been so many messages and so much unfolding…we have been waiting to share everything in a cohesive way.  The holidays this year felt so much more like “holy-days”…they seemed to call for quiet and calm. With everything that has transpired in the last 7 months, it became evident that Christmas is not just about celebrating the birth of Jesus thousands of years ago, but the re-birth of Christ or unity consciousness within each of us. Mary’s messages are centering on each of us realizing that…especially as we head into this new year. I will include some of her communications, but it’s clear she mainly wants us to invite everyone to be in a state of readiness (I think that is why she has spoken so much about I AM practices for mind, body and spirit). 
Recently, Mary’s messages speak emphatically of a new earth. She explains that an energy shift is coming and brighter days are ahead! It seems that this will occur as we ring in 2019. Mary speaks of this transformation as quite physical…we will see signs and feel different…but Mark and I continue to wonder if it is more metaphorical for an internal awakening. Either way, she urges us to be prepared, to know it is God’s hand and to be willing to serve others by helping them to understand unity, love, oneness and the I AM. Her vision continues to unfold and it is miraculous indeed! She speaks of hope, healing, transformation and divine connection! 
Progress is also being made at Glynnis. Winter isn’t the best building time but we have the driveway in, the gathering space land cleared and additional direction from Mary about what she envisions for the property. More and more, we think that it will be a sacred space to help people recognize their truth, their divinity. In turn, as we each experience that, we will be asked to bring others so that they will know light, healing and joy too! So many of her messages also talk about the spring. Perhaps just like you, we sometimes find ourselves in doubt that it is real…but we are trusting her words and listening to her guidance. She assures us that the sun and Amma (Mother Earth) are activating and opening it for all of us soon!  
Nov 30 ~ Mary, Lady of Light 
“I AM is announcing in joy and being. Hope is God’s way of healing the world. Black is the night, bright is the day. Healing by hope in God. Have Image of Mary Lady of Light. Bring hope to all and  witness healing. Imagine God’s hand bringing love to all. Join bond of love in peace. Keep the night lit.”
Dec 2 ~ Mary, Lady of Light 
“Quite a triumphant future at Glynnis. Huge mission of taking care of people will show nurturing to the world and many will elevate through helping. Kingdom of God rises at Glynnis. It will be lung of thankful tribe. Keep your gate of single oil of nurturing open to all. Huge path of I AM kiss fosters a new high foundation of unity and hastens healing to all!”
Dec 13 ~ Mary, Lady of Light 
“Hope sets in. Shine light and darkness fades. No future under Mary toils. Savior is a jam with me. Tune is energy of divine feminine. Time for justice to be privilege for all. Huge open hearts nip the toils of the world. Jumpstart understanding of this at healing house. I am Lady of Light and you are my torch. I ask you to help me tame suffering. Hope and healing are the way.”
Dec 18 ~ Mary, Lady of Light 
This message was concerning the spiritual healer in Brazil named John of God. For decades, he has helped many people and countless miracle healings have occurred. We were quite upset when we heard he was arrested on many counts of sexual assault. I asked Mary if she could help me understand the situation and how someone who was clearly so helpful could possibly do this. Her response was amazing and speaks to many other situations. “I went to John of God and quite told him, jet these actions. Christ is not a king, but a servant. But he took no heed. To be a servant, you must be aligned with unity. You never mix with pit of augmented idols.” (And then she said the following to me because I was feeling upset about everything and concerned if this connection is a good thing…) “Joust with doubt is a normal tug, but don’t have doubt over hope. Heaven is being restored. Kiss of unity is fostering direct nurturing of massive hand of God. Open with rejoicing! Glynnis uses nice spring to hasten healing and round I AM. Brings vow of miracles to many. I varnish quite an elevated site.” 
Dec 20 ~ Mary, Lady of Light 
“Tell every direct energetic connection that Jesus is jam to the changes they will see this new year. Judge not for he unites all in total heaven. People have outnumbered! Push the darkness aside and make way for light. Gush of spring will be I AM home. Hundreds of tired souls will need infusions every day. Huge operation. It will be awesome. Glynnis your I AM estuary of miracles. Foster your healing under lung. Separation is over.”
Dec 24 ~ Mary, Lady of Light 
“Equal forces of light and darkness exist but it is all under jam with God’s music. Some will choose to sing under quite a grade much down. Tenets of keeping to the mission means you share a a tune of highest love and light. “
Dec 25 ~ Mary, Lady of Light         
“Mary, Lady of Light feels strong but soft. I speak respectfully. On your Rhone River cruise (we were traveling in France early September), both you and Mark felt my feminine pull. Strong hard gate opened and you sensed a call. Flush of total alignment to God’s will. Rest assured, by sharing the messages, you have hastened hope. Keep telling them about high times coming. Future looks very bright if they will align to unity. Tell them television oils fear but if they listen to the I AM within, they will escape that. There they will know the truth. Tame the gourd of guilt if anyone feels unworthy by just nurturing a hand on their heart. Talk to them about God’s inclusive call for all to be one with I AM.”

   Lovelight wins!

“Fountain of answers await! Birth of new voice rises with new year! Miracle times are just doorway to elevated remembrances of tune of hope. Be ready to energize a heart made of hope and love!” Mary, Lady of Light ~ 12/27/2018 

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