Glynnis Updates and Messages from Mary, Lady of Light, April 2019

If you are new to these emails and the messages from Mary, Lady of Light, you will want to first read, The Story of Glynnis by clicking on this link (here). It will be helpful to follow the unfolding of the events chronologically.

 Dear Friends!

I just wanted to share a little update about Glynnis and also include a few inspirational messages that we have received these past weeks. Mark and I will be meeting with the builder and the architect again on Monday at the property! We have an initial set of plans and will be making some changes and getting a feel for how the gathering place will be situated on the property. We are being urged to keep it simple with spaces indoors and out for gathering, connecting, enjoying nature, soul reflection and healing on all levels. We are trying to be patient as this all unfolds, but naturally are excited to get building underway!

In the meantime, if you’d like to visit, we’d love to share the land with you. The recent flooding covered parts of the “lowland” but it was beautiful. The river seemed to turn into a lake for a while as it spread out and became still. It is like a gallery with constantly changing works of art! The barren trees are leafing and the whole space is greening! 

On May 1st, in celebration of May Day, we invite you to come to Glynnis and enjoy some time there. The gate will be open, a fire will be burning and the river will be calling (and hopefully the weather will be kind!). This date holds significance as a bridge between the spring equinox and summer solstice as well as a special devotion to Blessed Mary. Think crowns, flowers, ribbons and May baskets. Come for a stroll or quiet time…and we will have some little treats for you as well! Look for an email soon with more information!

Below are some sweet messages from Mary, Lady of Light. Everyday, she speaks of hope and the shifts that are coming. She says people are sensing that things can not continue as they have been and encourages us not to be afraid. Rather, we should prepare by aligning with our higher self. She encourages daily practices that raise our frequency and attunes us to divine connection and communication. Mary says there are doorways open and it is time to move from the darkness to the light. Rather than relying on our ego or personal will, she asks us to work in unity or the will of Christ consciousness. Her vision truly is in our hearts…miracles are unfolding…what an honor to be living at this time!

March 18: “I have told you about knowing the pain of high service in the past. But a new way has been birthed. High service does not need to be connected to languish and toil. It is about inviting togetherness. Build a space for both unity of home and work…this is quite a mission of both!”

March 24: ” Glynnis shines! Irritants won’t have a single bit of power there. Know this…nature rounds up the suffering and healing connection is Amma and Mother Earth. This will balance the energies of both masculine and feminine. You form a huge tribe of roses who are lit from within!”

March 25: (This message was so fascinating and is an invitation for creating powerful change in our lives through ritual and practice. Mary explains that it is how we answer the call to service and unity or Christ consciousness.) 
“Connect to divine energy through daily meditation. Just do a high servant’s practice for a week. That means limit work hours, awaken at the same time, build an altar, abstain from meat and alcohol and have purification using water and oil. Jesus answered our attunement. All can do this. Soul is ready to begin life of lightworker.”

March 27: (This message explains a wonderful way to release doubts and fears. Mary says that when we take action steps in the physical world, not just in our mind, we create an alchemical change. This means we align our will with transformation. Rather than just wanting something to be different, we manifest that shift through our practices and actions.) “Round up your irritants and foibles, write them down and make a fire. Burn them. Abba and Amma use them to elevate you. Understand that our help is your energy. Very idea of rounding them up is a way of knowing. Do not be afraid to address these things. Use a puff of smoke to alter their reality. Total divine assistance is available. Role of Mary, Lady of Light is to guide you to joy.”  (I have included a picture of a little ceremony we did at the property one day utilizing her suggestion. It was wonderful! We will be offering opportunities to do this for anyone who would like to try this simple releasing practice!)

March 28: “Call divine in and joy is energized. Dream finer days in Glynnis. Open glad truths. These are: live in freedom; send hope; flame bright God within you; be your high self and claim one in Christ.”

April 3: “Glad oil is a gift. Hope is glad oil. Hear good in all. Unity is energy of the divine. Create ALL THAT IS by divine hope.”April 9: “Time of accessing the pure heart is the ultimate. Speak using roses’ voice. Utilize atonement (at-one-ment) by connection with I AM which is the light within. Commune by sitting in meditation and prayer.” (So many of Mary’s messages to Mark and I speak about being lit from within. All of us have access to divine wisdom and help…but we must not give up our sovereignty to others. Our beautiful and diverse faith traditions are a guide and a reflection of our relationship with God and love…but they are not a substitute for actually knowing our divinity. The true church is within us. It is the home of love and unity that resides in each of us. It is the way of the heart. It is I Am and it connects us all…no matter the diversity of our gender, race, religion, beliefs, etc. We don’t earn it or learn it, we recognize it…and then we can be a living Church!)

Love and light to you!
“Shush all concerns of the said times. All with Mary and Amma visit Glynnis. The sum of your energy will upend the vibration and create a space of healing. Music ups the vibration too! Use song and sound everyday!” Mary, Lady of Light ~ 4/11/2019 

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