Puppy Wisdom

Inspirational messages often come from unexpected places…and teachers you may never suspect! 

On Saturday, Mark and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to Glynnis to cut back some of the honeysuckle “springing” up on the river property. We took our grandpup, Luna, so she could run and be free for the afternoon. As he chainsawed, I began clearing the brush and hauling it up the hill to be chipped and shredded. Luna watched for a few minutes and then began “helping” me carry it to the pile. As I got the root end, she would get her mouth around the branches and up the hill we’d go…the two of us working together. Each trip, she would prance back down the path with a swagger and a smile! She was so happy to be helpful and full of energy! It was such a great day but I didn’t think much more about it till the next morning when I received this message from Mary, Lady of Light…

“Luna knows how to live! She created an open channel through play and high service together!” 
How true this is! We connect to the Divine, to happiness, to simplicity, to meaning when we bring JOY to the everyday tasks and chores of life! What a great reminder that being in the sunshine, moving our bodies, helping one another and just remembering to PLAY are the miraculous pathways to God, Love and Unity! 
Thank you Mary…and Luna…for enLIGHTening me (and all of us) with your wisdom! ?

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