Mary’s Messages and Glynnis Update ~ June 2019

If you are new to these emails and the messages from Mary, Lady of Light, you will want to first read, The Story of Glynnis by clicking on this link (here). It will be helpful to follow the unfolding of the events chronologically.

Dear Friends!

We want to update you on the building of the Glynnis gathering space! Mark and I met with the builder and architect last week. Final plans are just about ready and it will go out for bids soon. It has been a miraculous adventure! Our builder remarked that for every hurdle we have had dealing with the land, it is amazing how things have worked out. First, Mary asked us to build on a site that we thought would flood. It turns out, although the water surrounds the area, the site itself is clear. Next, she tells us she wants it to be a certain size, lined up in specific directions and incorporating the old hearth. It seemed impossible, but after getting the topography survey, there is just enough room to create her vision. Finally, we have dealt with challenges for the electric, the well and the septic system…but lo and behold, each gets resolved in unexpected ways. Everyday, we have to consciously remember that WE are not doing this…GOD is! That is what keeps us going through all the doubt and fear. In fact, as I was reading today, I came upon this quote that seemed to speak directly to all that has been happening. “If the human side of us really agrees to the Divine Plan and accepts it, there can be no such thing as delay or failure; for all energy has the inherent quality of Perfection within it and rushes to serve its Creator. Perfection is the only predestination there is.” What a timely reminder that God has no limitations! We are the ones who create all the blocks and problems with our thoughts and negativity. Everyday, we must remember to have faith and to trust that nothing is impossible with God! We would ask that all of you hold this vision with us in the highest space of light and love! The gathering space, the healing spring, the miracle shift for our community…everything that has been shared in Mary’s amazing messages…let us move beyond hope, beyond belief and into KNOWING! Our hearts and souls know what’s possible when we are ONE with God…this is the invitation to claim that for ourselves and our world! And how awesome that we can do it together! 

We also wanted to share (because we thought this was pretty amazing!) that on May 3rd, Mark’s message from Mary, Lady of Light began with the words, “Blues love to skate!” (She frequently talks about fun and random things!.) We didn’t over-analyze it at the time, but we found it interesting that they won the playoff series shortly after that. As they kept getting closer and closer to the Stanley Cup victory, we kept repeating, “Blues love to skate!” We found it sweet that Mary didn’t say they were going to win, instead she commented on their energy, their passion! They LOVE what they do, they LOVE their work, they LOVE their team, they LOVE their coach, they love their STL fans! This is how to get something done! What an important reminder for us to LOVE what we do (even when it’s tough and it seems we may fail). And if we understand about the vibration of words and sound…thousands of people singing “Gloria” for months surely lifted the energy even more! So fantastic for our commUNITY!

And lastly, below are just a few other messages we wanted to share! Mainly Mary keeps reminding us to keep our mind “one with God.” She encourages us to keep our energy and frequency high through good habits and loving thoughts. And most of all, she reminds us that miracles are the natural order of the Divine! We need to put our faith and attention there! 

May 17: “Highest spirit calls to you. Flame for love. Time at Glynnis calls to your heart. Finder for unity. Tell all of freedom to be.”

May 19: “Rest assured, I AM sees. If you energize the gird of stress, you fan the flame of boiling. Nirvana is singleness of mind with God. Master your thoughts and you will get better. Soul wants to be better, but body is pad of too much worry at times. Foster having your mind be one with God. God can always help take back the fear and heal small and large worries. I AM tips your world to calm. Door to birth of I AM is portal. Glynnis is energy activation. Souls will ascend. Spring will heal many. The soil will use ‘phinub.’ Phinub is boggy compound…electricity for healing. Real substance that ousts cancer. It is found at the intersection of creeks!” (Mary frequently talks about specific materials like this. Often, we find it confusing because she uses words we’ve never heard of. We have known from the beginning though there is something special about the property…and so we trust. The intersection of the creeks is under water now…we look forward to what may be found there!)

May 20: (This message had some advice about how to keep aligned with a high frequency. What we read, what we watch, where we visit, what we listen to…it is clearly so important to limit negative influences. The sentences are short but full of meaning)
“Divine word is bright time. Operate in climb to a sacred site. Love finds love. Guard the child of true self. Dim the news. Beauty is silence and your heart. Energy is elevated. Try healing sound. Witness glad revelation.”

May 28: “Glad mission for your Glynnis is forming. Await sun to bring energy to the spring. Unity announces the sun. Water is making true unity. Earn vision after test. Test is chain of unity. God wishes, opening grows. Union at heart brings calling. Be oil (energy) and vision will grow”

May 29: “Thank you for being true to this mission. Glynnis must align with unity. Soul must stay aligned with unity. Show the world the tenets of jam with I AM: soul boundless energy fountain, soul never births valley of shame, soul giver of shining vortex (active energetic location). Purpose of vortex is to create the jam with I AM. Miracles occur by showing the answer to every entreaty is love and fostering the body of Christ (unity consciousness) and sharing it with all. Total submission to God offers justice for all. Oust fostering use of the ego and divine time returns.” 

June 2: 
“Soul wants to imagine the time at Glynnis. Boundless miracles are possible. Shake off the doubt and put your imagination to use. Soul can birth all as long as it is for I AM. Soul bathes Glynnis our chosen land and hour is coming for game-changing cosmic event. Soul has to be ready. Building is a nest for I AM.”

Love and light to you always!

                         “Roses are our key! Other than putting a lost and broken, should put a healthy, happy face on! Transform the world by transforming your lives. Boundless joy opens the door to heaven on earth!” Mary, Lady of Light ~ 6/18/2019 

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