Glynnis Update and Mary’s Messages 10/23/18

Dear friends!

The wonderful outpouring of support and kind words from the letter last week has been so wonderful. Mark and I wish that we could share them all, for then everyone could see what a beautiful commUNITY is already in place. We realize Glynnis already exists in the spirit and heart of so many…it is no surprise it is manifesting now in physical form! We have all created this with our vision of a new way of living. Hope, healing, celebration, connection…it’s obvious the property is just going to be an extension of that! Keep the prayers and energy focused on miracles!!!
Below are the u
pdated messages that we received this week that relate to Glynnis. Mary, Lady of Light loves to share other information about family, life and help for clients also. (We really encourage you to try the beautiful TAUK process too. Your divine guides and loved ones want to connect with you!) As I said, Mark, myself and others that are choosing to practice TAUK are all receiving similar information. That is what has made this “unbelievable” experience BELIEVABLE! 

Oct. 19 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
“A time to feel my energy…an instrument of healing. No one is against Glynnis. A view (our thoughts) make fear in this world. Fear not! By energy link I am turning the veil. A garment gives power of love to you.” [We aren’t sure exactly what this last sentence means but it sounds nice!]
Oct. 20 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
[We were watching our son’s puppy and she kept barking at a certain corner of the room. We were wondering if she was “seeing” something. Then Mary said the following…] “You are never alone! A young baby can see many things. Hope is Mary doing love and joy. View of your world is not as limited as you see. A glad truth is an understanding that the world is an infinity of creation. A design of the Creator claimed by all. Hope is yours!”
Oct. 20 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
“Host a meeting. Say you want to answer everyone’s questions. Vanquish well of suffering. Universe is moving. Aim to be valuable high servant. Finish new healing place. Future is bright!”
Oct. 22 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Meg
Will you plan a meeting? We unite as one and hasten Glynnis. I AM vanquishes suffering and fosters hope. Huge hand of trying times is ending. Glynnis is for all who are ready for a new energy of unity. Home of hope and healing. Do not worry about details. Energy will make everything work. Will you be not afraid for I will fulfill all? Have a meeting in November. Honor my anthem by doing it at new Garden of Life (this is a lovely spiritual center near Grant’s Farm). Meet all with a nice, kind smile and good joy. Find the nurturing friend within. Old ways will end and new plan of greatness will unfold. Make joy and I AM Central.
Oct. 23 ~ Mary, Lady of Light ~ to Mark
View property as all healing. Hope is restored for all! Joy in unity awaits. Time to laugh, time to heal, time to love! Open your imagination!

These new messages only highlight all that Mary has said before. (if you did not read the transcript of her earlier messages, you can find that by CLICKING HERE. Please read it through till end for it unfolds so miraculously!) It is quite clear that she wants us to schedule a meeting so that everyone can have more understanding of what is happening and what this process has been. Mary wants everyone to realize they are called to connect in this manner if they would like. It is not just for the chosen, it for ALL WHO CHOOSE! She wants us to know that the the world is shifting, the veil is thinning and ALL our hearts are being opened. Working together with Mother Earth (Amma), new opportunities of healing are coming too! 

I will send an invite early next week, but please mark your calendar for 7 – 8:15pm on Thursday evening, November 8th. We will be meeting at Garden of Life for an open, casual conversation about Glynnis and the experiences we are all sharing. It will be a great opportunity to gather, answer questions, share ideas and celebrate this beautiful vision. All are welcome!

Lastly, just to help be clear, we think it is important that everyone know that the land that is being purchased and the space we are creating (hopefully together!) is not a commercial venture. It is not zoned as such and there is no plan to change that. Friendship, healing, celebrating and awakening is our true nature…we just want to live that truth! With each other and with you! 

            Lovelight wins!

“The miracle you find at Glynnis will be God working within you.
For you are always one with I AM.”
Mary, Lady of Light ~ 10/23/2018 

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