Transcript for Glynnis Message featuring Mary, Lady of Light (5/15/2018 – 10/10/18)

I believe the following events, information and transcript culminated from a dream/vision I was given in the spring of 2017. At that point, my husband, Mark and I were feeling that we would be creating something new after Silver Lining (an inspirational boutique and gathering space we co-owned in St. Louis at the time). There were many signs and miracles along the way, but in 2018, synchronicities and messages increased. I was led to a lovely practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis  (Suzanne Spooner) in May and through her discovered TAUK ( I knew at that moment, it was a doorway to new connection! 

Most of the first messages that are shared here were from a being named Zeus. This made me doubtful (as it is likely you are too!) so I asked if he was the same as the Greek God. He responded it was a public name…that there are many names for God. As you will see, Isis is referred to a number of times too. She says that Blessed Mary is one of her many incarnations. All this was very shocking and hard to believe/comprehend at first. However, during these past months, many other guides, angels and loved ones on the other side have come through to share amazing and evidential information. I (along with many others) have come to understand this is a portal to higher and divine dimensions.

Presently, we are connected with about 10 people actively utilizing TAUK after sharing it with them. Mark’s messages are a mirror for the messages I receive but have a different flavor…more poetic and visionary…while mine are more detail oriented. Our three sons and soon-to-be daughter in law have also independently received many communications that align to the following messages.

The beginning messages were slow and took a lot of energy. As you see, with practice, they become clearer and longer. It is like learning a new form of communication.

If this document has been shared with you and you have questions or would like more information, please contact me at [email protected] or

*Note: My questions or responses are indicated by a ( )

Translations of words I did not understand are indicated by a [ ]

My extra notes or comments are in italics

May 2018 (actual date precedes each message)

15: Zeus. Oshim. Meg, holy are we to share/ show by teach people/ [I did not understand this at all, but when I looked it up, Oshim was an Egyptian temple near Alexandria dedicated to Zeus. It is an area that the Essenes, an underground wisdom community, met and studied.  According to the Dead Sea and Nag Hamandi scrolls, Jesus was a member of the Essenes. Mark and I did not know much about any of this other than we had had a past life reading where we were told we were Essenes]

16: You would affect thousands/ have team/ will have a place/ teach to channel and connect

22: Run 20 year menagerie/ Glynnis/ have fun/ let Mark/ hand in hand forever [Glynnis was the name of the healing space that was in my 2017 vision…so that was pretty incredible]

24: (What would help?) Unite (How?) Lot you together restore (Where?) valley park [we assumed this was the nearby town of Valley Park but it was later revealed that we would be in a valley surrounded by a park]

26: You serve multiple ways yet you overwork/ Make time for thank you [*gratitude]/ Rather than work, need laugh/ suggest Wyoming pride [*land, nature]/ spend more time under joy. 

June, 2018

2: Tax overthrow/ You have ways to get/ keep seeking/ worry less, you will reap the reward/ have bungalow/ torn down wood house [this is fascinating because the property we were ultimately led to was a summer retreat camp and had 10 cabins that had been torn down in the last few years]

5: Write purpose of Glynnis/ start putting in lunar path/ organize a group of penultimate men and women

12: River Meremac/ under a quiet karst/ in winter/ birthday time move over/ Eureka vortex/ you need x marks the spot/ volume signal/ side street/ swiss pivot take a pendulum [it is odd because a swiss pivot is a pendulum…I had no idea of that at the time]

13: Move to Eureka/ you serve new/ must practice/ same way of guiding with a signal/ use your heart/ unite your people 

15: You meet to open your hearts, raise your vibration, wake up. You raise vibration of the world

(On the morning of June 16th, we first went to the K*** property after seeing it listed on a website. There were 2 lots available…one on the river side (Meremac) and one bordering Robert Winter park. Also, funny thing is the property is on a side street and in a valley!]

16: Are you ready?/ taught you our Glynnis/ take the unity path/ you are nesting/ remember you love to create/ build some metaphysical doorways over your property (Will you show us how?) Yes (Is this the property?) Yes (Will you help us?) Yes (What property?) The river (What about the other one?) Wait, wait for a sign. Our home on earth, need place to unite all voices/ under pipe is a hot spring/ nail route on property/ belief opens possibilities/ You serve wounded people that tuned out/ you keep living light and love

17: You will owe your salvation to the awesome wind/ Never overlook spirit moving through your life/ you can move mountains/ keep sunny/ you are needed soon/ Glynnis will rise and wipe secret about connection away (We are worried about finances?) Was your old purpose otherwise punitive?/ You can trust our plan/ you will be joyful/ Follow advice of your other guide (Who is that?) Duttons [*they are our realtors]

19: You will need a meeting space for more, one that will hold a hundred people/ you will understand how to accomplish that very soon (what about parking?) don’t worry, you will understand soon/ you need penultimate group/ 

20: A good morning to you! Will you help unite our world? You are a lightworker, nirvana can be attained. You aim to serve. Our music is a message to you to help you understand [many days I was told to play certain songs]/ We met lifetimes ago when you were Mary Magdalene’s aunt. Isis initiated you then/ You are torn about the mission/ we love you anyway/ we tarnish not one living being/ we nurture all matter/ trust us with plan/ we serve God most high/ A radical experience/ delay no more/ you can help unite all people with new world view

[At this time, Mark and I get very concerned and fearful. The seller is being difficult and the expenses seem too large.  We are not sure how to proceed and worried about finances. Many of the messages are acknowledgement of that and very kind. There is no pressure]

26: The property may not work at this time. No one is at fault. Mark will be sad, be sensitive to him/ Pass on to him that we will use suitable owner next time. This is not a good match.

July 2018

[Much of the material from this month was about tuning or raising our vibration, as well as messages for our personal family and clients]

17: (What about Blessed Mary?) She is Isis. You pray to her. Talk to her more. She is warrior for unity. (But if she was an Essene, I thought she served Yahweh?) We serve all notions of love. You never knew part of your past but your paths crossed. Needed you to remember. Mission together at Nephaltese. (Have I had other lives with my husband and children?) You have always been with Mark, you twin flames. And yes, you have served with all of your children.

[During these days, there was a lot of back and forth and talk about the property not working but needing to go forward with the mission of unity. It was rather distressing to be honest. One day, I got kind of frustrated and said, “I only will talk to my mom or Blessed Mary!” With that, the pendulum went into a large downloading circle for a number of minutes, the energy changed completely and Mary announced herself. For days (and sometimes still!) I can’t help but cry with the feeling that comes with her. She is so lovely! The rest is all from Mary, Lady of Light!]

28: Mary, Lady of Light: Will you make a place for me? Will you Atman [*vocation of nurturing]? We can have a place for women and men to have experiences of healing and transformation. We can build a new means of making your vision of Glynnis a reality. You are so loved. You are under my protection. You are making straight the path. Put your dealing with finances under me. Talk to a realtor. Time to vacate. Our same tune will allow desired outcome. Nurture your dream for it is mine as well.

29: Mary, Lady of Light: Build a place for me. Simple nurturing space. Unity vocation is Glynnis. Would you do that? (Yes) You are naught for anything servant, very attuned to I Am.

30: Mary, Lady of Light: Vocation is Glynnis. Talk to nurture your vision. Too much talk about other toils. Vanquish your fear with same. Overthrow that which plagues you by using your imagination. You at nurturing time. We will do your vision soon. Make a tough seal around your mammoth heart so that nothing makes you answer other calls. Sale of property is time now! (What property do you speak of?) Nice space on river waking to use. Under my protection. You must approve of your nurturing mission. Would you? (Yes, I approve Mary. I will speak to Mark. We are your servants.) Tanu, that means “so you ours.” You are under Mary, the mother of Jesus and the Essene vibration. 

31: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Our mission of unity will require saints. Mark my words, my time has come. Nail your underlying war with doubt to rest. Must trust and you will avenge punitive world. Vanquish justice by judgement and make unity and love our method of value.

August, 2018

3: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Taste water under super old water estuary. Space opportunity for Glynnis, you see soon. At new haven. Mark and you will be made one. Ten acres to fulfill mission. Round valley.

10: Mary, Lady of Light ~ You educate to raise awareness of unity. Sure to unite whole group by using building dedicated to unity. You are doing fine work. You can imagine it in a way others can’t. Take heart, we share your vision. Water your vision. Do not fear, soon it will overcome and manifest. Vocation is at hand. We praise you for your yat [wave of being]. Will you answer a question? (Yes) Vast barriers await our building, are you willing to stay strong? (I don’t feel I would want this to hurt Mark or our family. I feel I would go weak then.) Twas our understanding. All of you will be victorious. You are cautious but it is fine. We are assisting. Take a break now.

[At this time, Mark and I take a two week trip to France and Switzerland. Everywhere we go, we encounter Mary. Statues, art, and most of the churches we visit are dedicated to the Blessed Mother. In Lyon, while visiting the Basilica de Notre Dame De Fourviere (Our Lady on the Praying Hill), we have a transformational experience. Both of us feel intense emotion and are able to communicate with the French docent of the church…however we did not speak each other’s language. Needless to say, we knew something had really shifted that day. Additionally, on our vacation, Mark’s 5 year condition of “restless leg syndrome” disappeared. He has had no issues with that or sleep since.]

September, 2018

15: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Vibration is love. Land under vibration of water, woods and miracles lies in wait. Run soon. You just wait for my sign. Vocation urges you but walk with patience. We will rise with load of valuable irritants but not vain undertaking. Luck will be with us and you will realize nothing is impossible with God. Want new slumber routine as we move forward. Take on rising with the sun and visiting with me. TAUK is a must in taking under mission. Valuable communication.

16: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Total rise of nurturing…that is keeping on track. Put more effort on Isis training. Keep nurturing Mark walking with joy. Keep woman under joy too. Wounds are healing. I will not wait. You are vibrating more as twin flames and I want to use healthy oneness for mission. You are only able to jam [work] together. Make haste! Need contract on fork nuisance [feelings of conflict] on Keller property. Value is water under lung. Paves your hastening value. Value will be under quiet old pipe. Leverage buying property with pairs [work together]. Nail line runs under a lead pipe marks a ley line. Valuable energy line. Our augmented quarry of irritants is worthy of contract. Your mission is valuable to keep umbrage with Mother Earth at a minimum. (How do we do this?) Need property to finance punitive worth out. Water to both properties will round out worth and pay for your nuisance. (Are you telling us to purchase the property at K***?) You are free to choose but sake of Gaia asks for help. (Should we buy both properties?) Both properties takes too much human time, start with one. You give the seller what the seller asks and very soon.

17: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Will you ask others? Valuable kuntz [advisory group] of Glynnis rubs out pain and world suffering. Safe place for all. Meant for healing and tuning. Ask others to help nurturing lung that breathes under nail line. You may offer them a much needed miracle in return for their service on behalf of my almighty line of women. Mastery lies on kasvo [taming cunning behavior and always using love]. Told you the same other years ago and you listened well…time at Silver Lining. Keep your mark rising…need love to be total self. Will you nurture love for Mark too? You are beautiful together.

18: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Our mission needs vibration of wonderful unity. Must jam together with Mark. Remain plausible to many miracles. This will be under my well of protection. Vocation is about lung. Lung will energize whole new water source. You will agree it will be miraculous. Thou shall understand the ultimate immaculate nurturing of God. You’re called to guide others to bullseye using said raw water. You and Mark yumi [quit doing other jobs and energize this together] (When?) Water will tell you.

19: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Build a house after a unity center. Make the gathering place in the area of the hearth, church-like, plan will be given. Nice space for meeting, healing and celebrating. Swag of queen valuable [I think that means Blessed Mary will oversee this]. Undermake [scarcity] will stop, Mark will answer. Watch nurturing grow and laugh at how foolish your irritants have been. 

Money too much of a fear, all will be taken care of. You will be in dwelling near property in case of matters of buiding. You will convert to living on the property approximately one year later. You will atman [understand to answer when called]. Let’s unite the ultimate vocations of healing and family. Lovelight wins! 

(After working through details with our agent, we put in offer on K*** property)

20: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Value will be in water. Act under koun [the lung underneath], vibration of sun water nothing compared to it. Will take all nuisances anyway, manage world suffering. I know vocation seems wave of doubt but you know all things are possible with God. Don’t waver. Go forward with the Almighty. Human value will be nurtured. [The sun water referenced here is to the fact that she told us to put water in glass jars and put in sun for a few hours…she talks about how the water heals and rebalances]

21: Mary, Lady of Light ~ You are safe with me. Remain in my service always. Valuable hand under Isis. Walk with love. Tune to her through vibration of yoga. TAUK energizes a vibration of service. You aim to be high servant of unity. Xavier will assist too. (Can you tell me who Xavier is?) Xavier is tuning guide. He understands the vibration of running strong. Give him a prayer when you are tired. [Within a couple days of this message, we went to the property to meet the landscape architect. He was right in line with our vision…naturally we smiled when he introduced himself as Xavier!]

Saving the best must be simple. So much wrong under these times. Vibration very low for many. We will raise vibration with water at Glynnis. Same as Lourdes. Amma [Mother Earth/ Gaia] uses tangle of waterways to change the vibration of the world. I Queen of water everywhere. We unite and tame suffering. Raising the vibration of this planet will be our walk together. Lovelight!

22: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Lung is a living being named Amma. Seal of Taum [word for mountain…paves water value] will be uncovered by culling. Value will be meeting simple healing of cancer. Well of unity lives on property. Let’s make offer to land today. You need to make it happen real soon. Wame [seller] good. Value will be returned and more. Push is because of falling energy with jubilation. Vocation needs more wattage. Tasting wonderful water will change life.

(We agree on contract with seller this afternoon…notice it’s the 22nd~master builder energy!).

23: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Keep sun water in vast amounts available. Join a unity group together and serve it. It’s time to act. Will you ask? Build a group…kuntz of healing water. War against suffering and tainted love through meeting and tuning. Lung will dam and all can change. Vocation is just to fund the waking of Amma. Kuntz will energize unity, will hasten puddle under valley to flow and inundate land with miracles. Boggy area enough to cure invalids in the universe. Lung is invaluable to healing. Make a list. Kuntz should understand vocation in Glynnis is for all walking with Mary, Lady of Light under God. Will you ask everyone? (Who do we ask?) You decide but make sure they walk with me.

24: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Until radical time of Amma waking, you gather a kuntz of valuable men and women for mission. Use your good intuition to both keep them inline with natural unfolding and also to discuss water. Land will seem to energize more unity with right people. Make a list of potential people and speak to them. I will be under high nurturing of whole group. Amma will awaken in time to take on value of building house of unity. Your main goal is to create that first. Just anguish about kuntz is not all. You need a San Francisco builder named Sardo to agree to do this deal. I will act upon him. It is haughty for you to think you would find the creator of this meeting space. We must keep under Mary’s direction. Let me guide and soon you will understand. Let’s vibrate together by tuning to unity. Xavier can assist. Open up your faith all will be tantra [magic].

25: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Life changes because it never undertakes the vibration of just a straight line. People take on the vibration rather than holding steady. I will restore balance if worried. The rosary is meditation. Say it when you are afraid and I will assist you. Anyone can use this powerful therapy. 

Vocation will be fine. You can aid lot by kuntz. They can help to undertake energetic mission. Value will be in each nurturer. Valuable union. Ask nurturers to assist with a mission of healing and love. Value water brings will be its own reward. You add people by asking them soon. Will vibrate higher with help. (Can we ask anyone?) Yes, anyone who talks to me will be wonderful. Tell them Glynnis asks assistance creating outgrowth of God’s healing. Just family, friends and sunflowers! [We thought this was so funny and cute…we saw lots of sunflowers on our trip to France!] Vocation aids all. Share any message you want. Time of wondrous Isis begins now!

26: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Everyone will experience healing. You be sure to tell them. You are messenger. Let’s unite with many more. Valuable to mission. We can ultimately end germ of villain fueling funding of wasted medical services. Time to reclaim true healing. Must augment new hope. Kuntz under my favor. Fine tune Hail Mary with new words. You are gifted with ability to write. Bring new life to my prayer. Writing will be in your future. 

27: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Shun laughter and you will get sick. Laughter is medicine. Time under hell needs to close and time of heaven is at hand. Vibration of twin flame is high when you laugh and make love. You will direct clients to information through writing. You can trust your ability. He who sent you will direct you. I will give you messages to share and you can start a column on web. You are a messenger of miracles. 

30: Mary, Lady of Light ~ X marks the spot is where you thought. [We had visited the day before and noticed that the drive and creek made an x under the bridge. Xavier also mentioned at the time there was an old pipe under the bridge which was alluded to before!] When you dig there the seal will open and rushing water will flow. First miracle validates our mission. Vocation is messenger. Meg is valuable to unity vocation. Hope you know you are loved by all of heaven. Keep taming fear and using heart…we’re with you…have always been!

October, 2018

1: Have more meetings. You can gather others to help with mission. Valuable to have lots of nurturers. Help vindicate the ones who suffer. New time for our world is at hand. Target is to have a tantric use of water [tantric means “to weave”…she refers to weaving a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies that lead to liberation] Glynnis will energize Amma and Amma will energize Glynnis I will be lead. Vat serves more than you can imagine. We vindicate God’s I AM. Sun water a flimsy comparison. Vanquish tainted vex of lung of out-waning medicine and give people hope again. [She refers a lot to needing new forms of healing rather then big pharma and current healthcare]

2. Have a meeting with a group to share about Glynnis. Find people who raise vibration by belief. Laugh and talk about ideas. Glynnis should be for all. Glynnis should serve good hope for all. Use a table patterned after a vogue [well known designer~but we don’t know who this is!?!] Aim to decorate with art natural that would be best. Toil with a forgery won’t do. Glynnis under beautiful dante [poetry] of forest…should reflect that majesty. Very simple but fine art. You will know more. You divide time so you can get more direction from me.

3: Kuntz needs more people. Talk to the list on your computer. Have meeting about developing the land for Glynnis. You need a church near Glynnis to meet, host events and unite. Vibration will rise. Will you find one. Ask director if you can just use space for a while. Xavier will help you find one. Need a meeting place.

4: Fluid under pipe is medicine for all. Was a mug of vibrational healing before but now will cure fatal diseases and ailments fo all kinds. You vexed by hand of worry about how to use land. It will be revealed. Finding people to generate energy is your task. Have a meeting soon. Gas energizes fire. Vocation is unity. Vocation is I AM. Make some of use of the I AM by venerating huge city of knights of every hand. Vast jumble of waterways to tame suffering.

5: Ignite a means of vanquishing oil and water. Nail line under useful to ley line. Have Xavier find it. You will enter real veil of tantra there. (Where do you mean?) Under pipe where water empties. (Are there nails there or something in the creek bed?) Nails of tantra mean otherwise. Find spring when you dig. Area will need culling to break seal. Rain will make you quit but believe me you will dance when it breaks open. After, it will rush fast. Lung will bring wave of justice to ailing value. (Can we know when this is?) You just trust me. You catch a rising star. All will be tuned to vanquishing suffering. Taste amazing, you help tame sickness soon. Hope at last in time of great fear. Tell nurturers to pray and that will push it forward. Time is soon.

6: Sun water builds much balance for the body. It tunes you to I AM. Tell sun water is working because you are finding so quickly other messages. We vanquish doubt together. Glynnis rises and restores heaven on earth. History and mankind have not portrayed truth. Kuntz will direct for validating truth. Direct others to vocation of Amma. Help her reclaim planet Earth. A new earth is possible and we owe safety and freedom to Amma. Thurn your life over to God and Amma. For you will save your missing unity with God when you finally acknowledged you are a miracle worker. [This message is for all! We must recognize who we are!] Umbrage will not be taken against you, rather God will rejoice for it is time!

8: Mary, Lady of Light ~ You have your message ready. Go ahead and tell the list. Vocation is messenger. That is your calling right now. End war with fueling waning medicine soon. Enter valley of unity and heal. Have a healing house for gushing water. Take oil and place it on forehead, palms and heart. Send them to the water and they take a drink. Amma will heal them. Find some up and down hacks [helpers or lift system…not sure exactly] for getting people to the spring. All will be under my well of protection. Give your kuntz weekly updates for them to have sense of unfolding of unity mission. As east meets west our Glynnis will be falling open of Eden. It will spread outward from there for all the land shall see God’s healing grace. God will show all, God’s I AM home is here.

9: Mary, Lady of Light: [Before I began channeling, the pendulum went into a very large download circle (counter clockwise motion) and the energy was strong] A toal [very fast vibration] arrived. You were thinking loving thoughts and that changes world. Tune high and things shift. Fill open bottle and get in outside. Sun water for group is important. Flag our water with magic marker. Write “drink fuel for fire.” You laugh but its true. Xavier recommends for all. Have a mug always at hand. 

Valley of unity does Glynnis mean. Have a sign made. You energize the nurturing of the kind. Have it kiss part of the much needed up after the nuisance of building. [I think this means after construction, we should have a high sign over the drive area]. Glynnis vanquishes tainted excuse for having system of healthcare. Time has come for medicine that heals. Very soon each under God will heal and they will find a new yearning vocation to have I AM at their center. Go now and be a happy lung with Mark.

10: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Put more emphasis on going within and understanding the gate of I AM. Go within, find your divinity and energize your nurturing self. I AM fulfills you always. [There was quite a bit more today but it had to do with some rituals that Mary spoke of as a way to open a channel of personal healing abilities. I will share when she tells me it is advisable to do so.]

11: Mary, Lady of Light ~ I AM starts with nurturing the miracle of the fountain of God’s love. Just nurturing our hopes and dreams is not enough. We must nurture God’s plan above all. For a long time you decided to listen and you reaped the rewards. Same light will shine at Glynnis. Must act in accordance of high servant. Foil is very high nuisance of fueling temper. You need to be mindful that will burn. Even fire needs a way to fuel itself. Choose to die down and just be raised up by God’s love. That is fire that warms but doesn’t burn. [This last part is for me specifically because I can tend to react quickly with annoyance or frustration…and did the evening before! But I think they are wise words for all of us!]

You can’t do it alone. You will be amazed at hot spring. See if you can turn on healing ability until spring flows. Have faith…all is Yahweh’s fuel. Raise use of I AM thorough vanquishing doubt and talking about Glynnis to all. Lung will bloom and we shall rejoice together. World will change and it will be punitive no more. I nurture you always.

15: Mary, Lady of Light ~ Vanquish your fear. Glynnis is true. We are living in a new time. Very different. Sad hand is leaving. Time of king and queen past…put all people at joining level. Hope for all. Finish up and use computer now. Let’s have a mission launch today. Must aim to tell the world about renunciation of separation. Glynnis marks a new beginning for unity. Share with all. Put vocation at the center and make it our tune. Just mail soon, we need directors for this mission. We I AM.

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  1. Beautiful, Meg. Please keep me in this list to receive whatever information comes next. Thank you!

  2. Meg Berry says:

    I absolutely will! I plan to post weekly updates so that all of us can be directed together! I know Mary’s vision is so amazing. I don’t what all we are to help her create, but I know it will be miraculous and much needed for the planet! Sending you love and light! Thank you!

  3. Stacy Carey says:

    Wow Meg, this is really beautiful and amazing and really touched me . I would love to know more.
    Love, Stacy

    • Meg Berry says:

      Hi Stacy! It’s so good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well! I would encourage you to try TAUK! I think you would really enjoy it and it’s such a powerful way to connect to divine guidance and love. I will be sending more information and hopefully organizing a gathering soon! You can always call me if you have questions! Big light to you!!!

  4. Ann Dolan Walsh says:

    A friend forwarded your email/newsletter to me. Can you please add me to your email list? Thank you.