Glynnis Update and Mary’s Messages ~ May 2019

If you are new to these emails and the messages from Mary, Lady of Light, you will want to first read, The Story of Glynnis by clicking on this link (here).It will be helpful to follow the unfolding of the events chronologically.

Dear Friends!

What an amazing month it has been! Just as spring has bursted through this season with so much energy, color and vibrancy…new life is blossoming in the soul of our beautiful commUNITY. There are so many that are sharing in the messages of Mary, Lady of Light, practicing her suggestions for connecting to spirit within and shifting their lives to one of divine purpose and light! Dozens of people are utilizing the TAUK process and other communication channels. It is so neat when people email or text us about their messages and how often they are nearly the same as ours on the same date! The information does not waver…change is immanent for our world; the veil is thinning and we are spiritually connected; turn your thoughts from doubt, worry and fear to faith, trust and joy; use imagination and intention to create healing; realign your mind to the One Mind of God and expect miracles! (We share a miracle story below in the messages of May 9th!)

This month has been one of “re-membering.” Mary said that we have become disconnected from the Truth of our being and have lost touch with God that resides within each of us. Our energy, life, being, authentic power and divinity is the internal world…not the external one of systems, organizations, societal ideals and worldly expectations. We have lost our way but it is time to “re-ligament” to the One God of All…the “religion” we have longed for that expresses only love, light, freedom, equality, kindness, beauty, health, inclusiveness and unity. Mary explains when you choose to live the One Mind of God, rather than your separate individual mind, life as you know it transforms. We then know ourselves as extensions of God…limitless, authentically powerful, and sharing in Christ or unity consciousness. We see all of creation as one, hence we tap into the fullness and unlimited I AM. It takes my breath away! We have heard these promises all our life, but now we are being guided to live it! Such a blessing and opportunity for all! 

Below are a selection of the messages. There are some that talk about Glynnis and how things are progressing on the property. We are in process of finalizing the plans and pricing and would ask that everyone just hold the thought that all will unfold smoothly (and as quick as is meant to be!). We are keeping our minds aligned with God with whom we know all things are possible! No need to doubt or worry! Mary continues to share a vision of miracles, healing and transformation for all!

April 15:“Hotbed of thoughts (worry/doubt) dissolve if you allow the I AM attunement. Do not worry at all for you think situation is bad but it’s not. The healing house is being urged by a full team. There is one thing to know: builder will be God. Tom (who is the human builder) will augment use of assistance but just approval will be the Lord’s. Taste river and you will see. Time is at hand. I AM is the vibration. House will curb use of the need for doubt. The roof needs solar. The roof rounds use of sun. Taught vibration of the light to pineal gland (this is a gland in the center of the brain). Quite a quiet way to get energy.”

April 22: (This was such a tender message about why we have challenges in our lives. So often, we think we are victims, but it is our soul or higher self creating experiences for our spiritual growth. It is also so sweet how Mary always calls us all ‘roses’.
“The soul directs the nuisances of life by creating situations of growth. Sometimes our soul directs rising nuisances to ask I AM to have full say. Land heals and roses are birthed at Glynnis. Toils eminently lessen and people are risen to a higher frequency. Role of the rose gardener is to tend to I AM garden.” 

April 23: (This beautiful message was given to Mark…it says it all!)
“Be your 8 Truths for freedom is allowing Truth: 
A higher gain through divine witness. (see through eyes of unity)
Think divine thoughts.
Speak divine words. 
Glad acts for others. (not sacrifice but joyful service!)
Keep nature in your heart. 
High energy from blessed food. (say grace every time you eat!)
Give lining of hope in freedom to others. (lift others and inspire them!)
Have bright day living this calling.”

April 29:“Millions energize the unity mission. Dim the mellow self and create with the divine. Energize high vibration of song and fear is beaten. Lend joy for world! Laugh with others! Great is your high work! It is love of Christ in all!”

April 30: (Mary keeps directing us to know and share that we are one with God. This is true unity or Christ consciousness. She says it is arrogant to claim anything less. We are to know ourselves as I AM…sharing the Mind of God and knowing all creation shares in this. So incredible and awesome!) “Shout the message that you are LIT FROM WITHIN! Less about God saving you and more about God being One with you! You are each the savior! Resist begging and train your mind to claim. Time to have sovereignty. Ego power pales in comparison to Christ. Put on your robe of God!”

May 9: (The messages on this day were very powerful. Our grand puppy, Luna, had been hit by an SUV on Delmar Ave. the night before. Our son had called us to say it did not look good as her neck was twisted and she was not moving. We met Keenan and Maria at the emergency vet within 20 minutes or so. Although all of us were scared, each of us were trying to use the tools we had been taught…not to go into fear, to claim life and healing and to see Luna as her perfect whole self. The kids handed her over to the ER doc and miraculously, minutes later, she came out to say she looked like she would be ok. It was all so confusing but wonderful! How was this happening???!!! Luna was even able to go home with them that night. Here were the messages from Mary the next morning…
Mark:“A happy Luna today. Glad is the one I AM. Healer inside is energy for all. Jot (write) hope in your hearts. Divine witness for going forward in love. Drive out old energy. I AM energy is flowing.”
Meg:“Glad to keep the puppy healthy. Though you oil death, our way is Life! Jam with Amen! Reality is Spirit! Ether is voice of God. Purpose of life is to always otherwise know atonement (at-one-ment or unity). Have miracles or have fit of fear. Share with the world! Sin does not break you from God, joust with fear and doubt does. Robe of at-one-ment hastens joy! Tie it tight and total God outweighs. Rise now and thank use of I AM!

(Needless to say, our family has been overwhelmed by processing this. Mark and I received these messages at the same time and Maria (Keenan’s fiancé) received a very similar message that morning. It is clear to us that we must turn our hearts completely to God and trust. This has been the message of Jesus and all the great masters and teachers. We are to accept miracles as the natural order of life and oneness with God. However, if we hold ourselves separate, we live disconnected and powerless. Heaven is not a place we go to when we die, we create it right here when we change our mind about who and what we are. When we accept the I AM within, we enter the kingdom! Amen to that! 

May 15:“Round up your instances of nuisance and burn them. Quiet your house of ego and give your jam to God. Quite an intimidating life if you could not give roe (collection) of fears to nurturing river of I AM. Born again means aligning your mind with miracles. Trust in God completely. Sin, ego and hell burn quite strong in believers of separation from God, but natural state is being one with Christ (unity). Only aim should be to quite maintain God’s reality. Births a life of vast joy! Sadness and pain end and reality of tasting divinity begins!” 

A couple other notes…
~ We would love to have a gathering on Friday, June 21st to celebrate the summer solstice. If you have ideas or would be willing to help plan something for our commUNITY, please email me back! It’d be nice to do something in the evening and have food and fun! Mark your calendars and keep the date open!
~ Recently, Mary guided me to two resources that have been really helpful. One is a series on Gaia TV called “Mystery Teaching.” It is hosted by Dr. Theresa Bullard who is a PHD in physics. She is brilliant at bringing the science of physics and the spirit of metaphysics together. Mary says “Christ speaks through Dr. Theresa.” You may want to check it out especially if you are science minded and want more understanding about these messages. The other is a book series called “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird Spalding. So phenomenal and really brings Eastern and Western philosophy together. This series is filled with so many miraculous true events as chronicled by a team of 11 scientists beginning in the late 1800’s. It is completely relevant for us today…and I think gives us a glimpse of the vision for Glynnis!

Love and light to you!
                         “Foster use of song to fan I AM flame. Boundless fire is music! Roses love to dance and sing! Bring voice to flower and eternal energy blooms, souls awaken, wick is lit!” Mary, Lady of Light ~ 5/19/2019 

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