The Story of Glynnis

Dear friends!

How wonderful it is to connect with you! It has been a while since I have sent a letter, but so much has been unfolding that I was waiting for the perfect time…and, well… that day has come! What I would like to share is so incredible and I believe a miraculous gift for ALL OF US! This will be a bit lengthy, but hopefully the words and message will bring light to your heart. This world is ready for change and the time is now! Please know that although I am the one writing this, it comes from my husband, Mark, and our family as well. The last 9 months have transformed our lives and it is with both great humility and gratitude that we invite you to join us on the journey ahead. It is a path to healing and unity and we know it is for every one of us!

Before I get started, I feel I need to explain a little something that everyone may not be aware of. In the early spring of 2015, shortly after we had opened Silver Lining: An Inspired Space (an inspirational boutique and gathering place in St. Louis, Missouri), I had a visit from the Blessed Mary. I was so afraid that our new business was going to fail and she awoke me one night and gave me a vision that as long as we welcomed people, treated them with kindness and served them with love, she would oversee and protect our little venture. I had always had a special devotion to Our Lady but this was a very clear connection. As confirmation, we immediately began experiencing miracles in the store and could feel her presence throughout the duration of our tenancy. Our three years there was so amazing…filled with abundance in every way…but mostly with creating an incredible community of people open to living light and love. There was no separation based on faith practice, denomination, gender or belief. Mary wanted a space for UNITY!

And so we fast forward! In February of 2017, I was given a vision of a beautiful, nature space dedicated to healing and gathering. The message spoke of a new mission that was not a business, but a place of living, transforming and celebrating. Once again, it would be in “service” to all and would also be “served” by all. Many would share in both being helped and helping. It felt like a true community…safe, cooperative and loving. In the vision, as we came upon the property, we passed under a sign above that said “Glynnis.” This was not a name I was familiar with and I found it quite lovely that when I did some exploring, the word is Scottish/Gaelic for “valley of unity or oneness!” Wow! I will always remember the feeling that swept through me at that moment! Tears filled my eyes and my heart warmed…I knew it would someday manifest.

Now though, what happened next, I could never have imagined. I hope you will stay with me as I explain more, for as you willl see, “Nothing is impossible with God!”

As most of you know, due to an interesting unfolding of circumstances, we sold Silver Lining at the end of 2018. Although we had loved every minute, signs and synchronicities were leading us in a new direction. Mark and I knew we wanted to continue the mission of building an inspirational community but without the commercial aspect. We wanted to live and serve in the same place, rather than have a separate business entity. We also could feel energy building around this vision although we were clueless what we needed to do. I am not going to go into all the events that occurred during the spring of 2018, but it became clear that the universe was preparing the way. We were personally experiencing shifts in consciousness and some pretty awesome events were occurring around us too (I am always happy to fill this in later, but want to get to the HEART of this message!).  

As you probably knew or can guess from reading this, I regularly experience intuitive messaging or connection. Nearly 30 years ago, in November 1988, I had a spiritually transformative awakening that altered my life in just a few short minutes. Since then, multi-sensory abilities have opened and been a unique part of my daily life and coaching practice. But, nothing had prepared me for what happened on May 15th of this year. Through a series of synchronistic happenings, I was led to a lovely healing practitioner in Des Moines, Iowa named Suzanne Spooner. At first, I was not sure of why we were connecting, but then in a video of her healing work, she mentioned a means of channeling or connecting to the Divine called TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing). Everything lit up in me like an electric current and I knew something big was happening. Following her guidance, in just a few hours, the most pure clear channel of connection had opened and I began receiving loving messages immediately. Soon after, I was instructed to share it with my husband, boys and others that know they are called for service to love, light, hope and healing. It has been incredible! (By the way, I am happy to share Suzanne’s website ( Mark and I actually met with her in early August and she is a kind and gifted soul. If you are interested in learning to connect with loved ones, angels, guides or as you will soon see…even Mother Mary…please check it out. Mark and I are happy to assist you if you have questions or want to understand more. And please, do not be afraid! This is beautiful and only for the highest good!).

And so, moving forward, 4 months ago, everything really began to shift. All of our family began receiving messages and they were aligning and describing a beautiful new world and mission of unity. Others around us also began to connect to similar information. It was amazing because we were independently receiving these although we live in different places and were not telling each other the messages. Pretty quickly, Mark and I began to get info about a property that would be opening for us. There were many details and explanations that meant nothing to us at the time. We were also told about how to change our thinking from fear to trust and worry to joy. Additionally, we received messages about “tuning” ourselves…practices that would elevate health, energy and connection. All of it has been beautiful and helpful guidance! In mid June, we found the property! It was incredible because it lined up with all the details we had been given before we knew about it. “On a side street,” “in a valley,” “under a quiet karst” (we didn’t even know that word means limestone rock formations till later!), “10 acres,” “on the Meremac River,” and so much more. Some of the clues and details did not even make sense till later. “Winter” and “park” were mentioned, well…it borders Robert Winter Park! There was information about a “stove,” and in the midst of the property is a huge old stone hearth! The list goes on but suffice it to say, we were in awe! The land used to be an old summer retreat or resort in the early 1900’s but only some remnants remain. It is otherwise raw and overgrown…but majestic and magical as well! The energy is high!

Now, to make this long story as short as possible, I will quickly share that all was not completely rosy. Mark and I consulted with professionals and knew we probably could not afford the property, the land development and also to build a home and gathering place. We got very worried and turned to fear and resistance. The guides we were connecting with were very loving and understanding and told us that it was ok to let it go. We were heartbroken but just could not move forward with the project. We had about 6 weeks during the summer where we moved our focus back to work, family and an upcoming trip to France. One day, about a month before we were to depart, I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. I began channelling and in my frustration called out, “I only want to talk to my mom (who died in 2011 but likes to message me) or Blessed Mary (although I have a strong connection to her, she had never communicated to me through the TAUK process). With that, the energy in the room shifted and I immediately was overcome with emotion. The message started coming through and this beautiful being announced herself as MARY, LADY OF LIGHT! It was amazing! The first thing she said was “Will you make a place for me? Will you undertake the vocation of nurturing? We can have a place for women and men to have experiences of healing and transformation. We can build a new means of making your vision of Glynnis a reality. You are so loved. You are under my protection.” She was so loving and calm but her presence was incredibly strong and bright. I found myself sobbing as I sat with her that morning…I was humbled, awed and grateful. It was as if my very being was being held by her. I was safe in her power and grace.

Mary, Lady of Light began to message Mark and I both from that day forward. She told us that we would have a transformational experience in France which we did at the Basicala de Notre Dame de Fournier in Lyon. Mark’s restless leg syndrome which he has had for 5 years was also cured during that time. Most of our travels were centered on Mary and we visited countless churches and chapels devoted to her. It was a wonderful trip! Upon our return, Mary informed us that the time had come and we would be moving forward. It was time to begin Glynnis and the mission of unity. She explained that the property from earlier in the summer was the one she had chosen and in faith we were to purchase it. She also began to share with us more information about the property. Mary explained that it sits on an important energy or ley line connected to Amma (Mother Earth) and that the world is beginning a huge shift. Amma, who she describes as a living being is reclaiming the planet and that together they will be using the waterways to create a new way of healing. She explained that there is a spring on the property that will open and flow with miracle water and this will be happening in other areas as well. We are to steward this land and welcome all who walk under her and God to be part of it. Now, as I’m writing all this, I’m sure you are thinking it is fantastical and delusional. We understand!!! If we had not been living it (along with others as well) we would not believe it either! It calls for utter trust and faith which surely is not easy in the painful and dark world we often find ourselves in. Just this morning she said, “Vanquish your fear! Glynnis is true! We are living in a new time. Very different. Sad hand is leaving. Time of king and queen past…put all people at joining level. Hope for all!” It is clear that a shift (we think of it as a correction from the way we are living now) is coming. And although our family is at times still struggling with wrapping our heads around all this, we are saying YES!

On September 22nd, exactly 9 months from the day we sold Silver Lining (and yes, she said that was intentional because this was a new creation), we put in a contract to purchase the land. It is in South St. Louis County not far from St. Anthony’s (Mercy) Hospital We will close soon and are to begin building first a gathering space and healing house for the community. She says, “it shall be simple, church-like and to reflect the beauty of the forest which surrounds it.” Mark and I have our house on the market and will need to live in temporary housing while we undertake this project. Mary said we should start with the “home for all.” (I know this is so long and there’s a lot to share, but if you are still with me, I want you to know that I am posting the complete transcript of the messages on my website. You can read it at this link (CLICK HERE) and hear for yourself her beautiful words and vision. I am putting anything relevant regarding Glynnis in the first blog (so, yes, that will be long as well) and going forward, I will simply post weekly updates.)

She is guiding everything and Mark and I committed to following her instructions. Once you read the transcript, you will understand…how could we say no?!?!? Mary is also clearly asking for others to say YES as well. This is not special for Mark and me, this is about any and all of us coming together to make manifest this new creation. She offers miracles and healing to each of us which you may not believe, but we hope you will search your heart for the truth is there. Although all of this has been a new level of extraordinary experience, we have known her power and connection for many years. She has worked many miracles and has always led us in the most profoundly beautiful ways. We’re often scared and disbelieving, but as she said, “your life is a testimony that this is true.” She is correct, we certainly can not deny it. Mary says it is time for all to experience that connection and live a new life. (Wow…we are excited!)

The time of change seems to be upon us which is very, very good news! The reason I am writing this actually is because she has asked me to share it with everyone. (I’m so nervous about it but I said I would). Mary wants us to create a group that is willing to help with the mission. She talks about how important the energy and the joy is. As you can see from the transcript if you will read it, she wants us to have meetings, to celebrate and to share our gifts together. Mark, I and our family are willing to do it alone, but all of your ideas, inspiration, talents and abilities will make it truly awesome. We are blessed to be called to such sacred purpose with others.

Lastly, I feel it’s important to note that although this is Blessed Mary, the mother of Christ, sharing…this is not about religion. Whatever faith tradition you practice or even if you don’t…Mary is speaking to the part of us that lives in unity. She likes to use the term I AM for in our life, our breath, our being, our spirit, our light…this is where we find the ONENESS of all. It is the path through love or the heart that takes us to Truth. We are not separate, we are not broken, we are whole, but only in UNITY! We have searched for our center, our purpose, our safety, our healing, our joy and at long last, it is waiting to be reclaimed. What an incredible invitation she offers us.

Thank you so much for sharing your precious time to read this. Mark and I are happy to answer any questions or listen to any thoughts you may have. We will continue to share updates through this list so please feel free to unsubscribe below if you are not interested in receiving them. As mentioned, if you want to try TAUK or if you want to be part of launching Glynnis, please know we want to connect with you. You may contact me at 314-517-0629 or visit Wishing each of you love and miracles! 

            Live Your Light!

“Time has come high servants. I AM awaits your decision. Lovelight wins!
Mary, Lady of Light ~ 10/16/2018 

16 responses to “The Story of Glynnis”

  1. Cornelia England says:

    Meg….I totally believe you two have been called on the journey of faith! As long as I have known you both I have been in awe of your devotion to God and His Blessed Mother. I am a Catholic convent…mostly because of the Mill’s family…however it was the Blessed Mother that led me there first! I celebrate you and your family going forward and cannot wait to read and share more of these Divine Messages! Feel my love and ? hugs precious one! I know your Dad for sure is beaming down with God and your Mom with the Blessed Mother with pride as you take this cross and go forward! What a beautiful place and I love the name!
    Cornelia England
    Blanco, TX

  2. Meg Berry says:

    Hi Nealy! Your words are so precious to us! I am going to email you back personally! Big light to you! Meg

  3. DonnaSpencer says:

    I have been feeling such changes in myself as I’ve shared with you. I’m on the precipice of something. I believe in you 100%. Let me know what I can do to help! Serious! This is such exciting news and not so surprising to me at all❤️

    • Meg Berry says:

      I believe in you TOO! Such a love you are! I know that you will be part of it…even from Texas! There is a plan in the works and it includes all who choose to be a part. I have such hope again! I’ll update when I’m directed!

  4. Susan Signorino says:

    Hello! I am soooo excited and filled with joy to hear/read your story! I would love to help out in any way that I can, so just let me know if/when you start having meetings. I can’t wait to see how everything manifests itself/unfolds. I know it will be a sacred and beautiful place. I’m so glad it is close, too!

    • Meg Berry says:

      Oh Susan…thank you! Your words are so sweet! Thank you for the support and absolutely…please be a part of it! After all, Mary is calling for a “unity mission and community!” I could not imagine anything better for ALL of us! I truly don’t know next steps yet…but I will be sharing weekly updates with her messages and any other info that will be useful! She would like for us to have a meeting soon…so I guess I will be organizing that! Much love and light to you!

  5. Marjorie Wolter says:

    Meg- Thank you so much for sharing your message. About 3 years ago I was in Fatima, excited to have a peaceful encounter with Mary. The place was a zoo. Every nook filled with trinket shops, tour buses running 24/7. I was frustrated to say the least until the evening rosary and Mary procession. There had to be several thousand people there. Each rosary prayer was spoken by an attendee in their native language. Talk about unity! We connected without understanding a word. Suddenly, I felt her. Mary was there, standing on the planet. Each looked like a beach ball in comparison to her size. Her love was so strong, immovable. Nothing could shift it, yet it was soft and nurturing. Her message? This love is true feminine power. Not noisy or forceful. It simply IS. Her feminine love could move ANYTHING from intentional space. Brutal, out of balance masculine energy crumbled encountering this love. For the first time I really understood feminine power-the power to dissolve anything not of love no mater how physically strong. RE-membering this is our task. Men and women reclaiming the beauty and power of our feminine with Mary, most immaculate guide.

    • Meg Berry says:

      What an awesome experience Marjorie! I am so glad you shared it with us! Let’s stay connected…I would love to hear more about your work and travels! Lots of love to you!

  6. Annie Evans says:

    So exciting Meg!! Love you!

    • Meg Berry says:

      Oh Annie! It has been such a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see how things unfold! Hope you are well and we will have to get together when you are in town next! Big light to you!!!

  7. Meg! I am so happy for you and your family 🙂 I am so grateful for the service you are sharing with the world, unity and abundance await you! May your days be so blessed, sending love – Chloe (Jordan Swopshire’s big sis)

    • Meg Berry says:

      Wow Chloe! What a beautiful message! Thank you for your sweet words! I know that this will be a wonderful place for ALL of us! I look forward to connecting with you soon! Much love!!!

  8. Keenan Berry says:

    So exciting! Cannot wait to see how everything unfolds. Thanks for sharing!

  9. While my journey with Gateway to Dreams was not as dramatic. I too have felt led… hearing what I should do, not knowing how it would come together… Please let me know how we might support your journey?

    • Meg Berry says:

      I think your journey has been quite dramatic Karen!!! All the people you have brought together and the courage and support you give to people and their dreams has been amazing! If you want additional clarity, you may consider trying TAUK…it is such a beautiful process!
      We will continue to update everyone on the messages as well as Mary’s directives. I know she wants us to hold a meeting at Garden of Life as soon as possible. So, right now…that is what I am working on (along with getting our house sold!). If you get any clarity about anything else we should/could do, please share! Much love and light to you always! Meg